Quality menswear delivered through experience.
The wellspring of our inspiration is steeped in nostalgia. It’s the charm of vinyl records with deep grooves, or shoes we’ve outgrown but still keep. It pervades our very ethos, to create better garments through experience, quality and tradition, and pushes us to remain culturally relevant.
First Article’s mission is to re-interpret classic wardrobe staples by merging aesthetics and functionality with premium materials through modern construction techniques. We offer quality dry goods including outerwear, wovens, bottoms, leather goods, and accessories. Everything in our inventory is manufactured domestically in limited quantities and primarily in San Francisco to give back to our immediate community. We understand that a well-engineered garment won’t change the world but it might change your appreciation for quality.
Taylor Workman
Taylor Workman Jacket - Model - Quarter
Taylor Workman - Model - Side
Taylor Workman Jacket - Detail - Zoom
Taylor Workman Jacket - Detail


Fabricated from a 100% durable cotton duck. An iconic piece of workwear, but redesigned for casual use. Features a club collar, dual front utility, and hidden breast pockets. Finished with matte torto …



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